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Relevant Research

academic publications by doctor Kelly 
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Selected readings from the field

I am a fan of research. It informs our work and helps to answer the essential question - 'why do you do what you do'. Whether in individual therapy or while consulting with a large organization - being aware of current research is essential to success and positive outcomes. Therefore, I approach each client, situation, and opportunity as a research question. 

Here are some of the articles that inform my work. I work hard to stay abreast of the most current trends in psychological research. Additionally, as you can see from this site - it is also essential to read read read what is being offered in policy rags, business magazines, and trade publications - not to mention influential and thoughtful blogs. 

If you see something you think I ought to read, please send it to me. Thank you.

Below are a FEW articles I love, and I will add and add all the files in my cabinet to share with you until this page runs a mile long. :) The facts are friendly. Also, scroll over the images at the top of the page for other links, etc.


As always, please reach out with discussion, questions, rants, and additions. 

Donohoe (2019). A short discussion of the changes that summer often brings to children and families. Originally published in the Carolina Park West magazine. 

Starbucks incident blamed on 'unconscious bias'.

Slaski & Cartwright (2003)

EQ training leads to improved wellbeing... We aren't surpised :) 

Easterly & Ricard (2011)

Discussion of specific instances of gender bias in academia. Helpful overview of common discrepancies between men and women in academia based on recent research.

van Ryn & Saha (2011)

Describes the difference between implicit and explicit bias and how this impacts physician decision making.

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