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Awareness + Education + Empathy = Emotional Success
Emotional Success is the ability to make meaningful connections at home, work, and in the world
based on psychological science.

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Let's get Successful!
Emotional Success @
Home => Increased inner knowledge and stronger personal relationships
Work => Increased connection to tasks, peers, and greater productivity
World => Increased understanding of others and greater connectivity

Emotional Success = Skilled social navigation

Many people have difficulty understanding aspects of the cultural world around us. While some things come easily, navigating various social groups or aspects of corporate culture can be more of a challenge. Yet - knowing how to interact and be productive at home, work, and in our communities is actually straightforward with a little help. I focus on helping individuals and groups who are ready to prepare, alter, shift, or grow to reach their goals. I know that people and corporations like to be clear about the goals set forth and the direction of the work. Therefore, I created the notion of Emotional Success and hope to share this notion with you or your group.

Freud said that to be healthy, a person has to function in love and work. I agree. The plan to improve Emotional Success can help individuals and organizations - because organizations are made up of individuals. Emotional Success helps companies improve their culture - and thus improve productivity.

Unconscious bias awareness/ training is in vogue right now. This is a GREAT start! At the same time - we must go further. It is essential to take the awareness, use it in practice... and then internalize the messages and work to be better and more connected.


Connect Better. Be Better.

Secret recipe...








Increasing Emotional Success = Improved Corporate Culture

Increasing understanding and interpersonal communication increases cultural competency and improves morale. We have the tools to make this happen. Contact me for a prospectus.

What's next?

Tell me what you wish to prepare, alter, shift, or grow and I will help you. I work with individuals and/or groups of any size. It's a big world and we can all benefit from from successful connections. Grow yours today.

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