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Dr. Kelly Rabenstein (Doctor Kelly) is a dynamic speaker who brings passion, knowledge, and meaningful experiences to groups across the country. Her goal is to leave you with tangible tools you can use to connect in all areas of life. She offers a simple equation and specific activities to reach this goal.

Sept 2022 Kelly Book Signing_signing books_edited.jpg
Sept 2022 Kelly Book Signing_signing books_edited.jpg


At the engagement, Doctor Kelly will conduct a reading from her book, provide a presentation on one of the following topics, and engage in discussion with attendees. Additionally, by request, Doctor Kelly will facilitate and process an activity from the book, paired with the chosen topic. Please let us know if you would like to include an activity at the time of booking.


The goal, as always, is to SPREAD LOVE through CONNECTIONS.

TEDx Pittsburgh


Doctor Kelly is the expert on building connections through love and is happy to discuss numerous topics including difficult/uncomfortable conversations, relationships, healthy sexuality, aging, family dynamics, authenticity, diversity, parenting, work/life balance, the importance of connections, creating human-centric corporate culture, and any general mental health discussions. Reach out to us with ideas.


Each topic is designed to help attendees grow their Emotional Success

  • What is Emotional Success and how can I obtain it?

  • How can I deepen the connections in my life?

  • What are some ways I can use Psychological Secrets in:

    • My work

    • Home

    • In the world

  • What is mindful listening and how can it benefit my life?

  • How can I become more self-aware?

  • What is empathy?

  • Exploring bias and privilege in your life

  • How does how I learn impact my relationships?

  • What are my values?

  • Am I emotion literate?

  • Any topic from Psychological Secrets or a topic of your choosing.

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