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Unconscious Bias

Is a good start

Unconscious Bias Awareness is based on the evolutionary psychological notion that we all make snap judgments of others based on the need for our brain to sort through millions of data points per second. These split second judgments have kept us alive.

Quick judgments helped us to avoid horrific death in our caves and fields, and now we have these remnants of brain behavior that can actually hold us back in some ways. 

For instance - categorizing groups of people helped cave-brain from making a poor choice of mate or companion. Now, however, we realize that diversity in all ways helps to improve not only the gene pool - but also our productivity.


Unconscious Bias Training helps employees to better understand bias. The programs and systems built around this knowledge makes companies better at creating a more diverse work environment. 


If you would like to learn more about your own unconscious biases - take a look at the Harvard Implicit Bias study.

But awareness isn't enough

Did you know that there are actually TWO types of bias?

IMPLICIT (unconscious)


EXPLICIT (conscious)

When we focus only on unconscious bias - we leave the 'thinking' part of our brain out of the equation. This simply doesn't make sense. In other words, Unconscious Bias Awareness Training gives people awareness without helping them to integrate this new information into their lives.


Sure! There is often training involved - yet it can fall short of melding both implicit and explicit bias - leaving people unsure and suddenly uncertain of what it all means.

EMOTIONAL Success builds on unconscious bias awareness


We can harness that wonderful bias and make it an asset rather than a liability! Like so many other vestiges of our cave dwelling ancestors - we may wish to ignore bias or act as though it no longer has a use. I disagree. 

We know that our brain functions more optimally when we mix those built in responses with higher level thinking. This is one form of connectivity that we want to encourage!

connect better. be better.

The goal of building Emotional Success is greater connectivity. Through greater connections comes understanding. Greater freedom for all people outside of the bounds of identity. It is essential to consider the goal of this work - as a way of practicing greater control over our automatic thoughts in order to better connect with others. To make new goals. New plans. New ideas. New love. It is impossible to imagine the possibilities in our work and love if we make room for greater diversity by connecting more deeply. With true equality will come changes to the notions we carry. Here is a powerful blog post to consider. 

Unconscious Bias Training is Happening Here...

Unconscious Bias Awareness Research

Here is some research...


Phi Delta Kappan

NYU Law Review

UC San Franscisco


Etc Etc Etc

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