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finalist for the eric hoffer book Award 2023!
winner of the National indie excellence Award 2023!

Now being translated into Turkish, Croation, and Polish!

Connections give our life meaning. We can all benefit by learning to connect better at home and at work. Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is like a Self-Help and a Business EQ book made a baby. Joyful and easy to read, you will easily pick up the psychological concepts.


Doctor Kelly, a licensed psychologist, offers you a carefully crafted journey into growth. Psychological Secrets is for the person who wants to unlock their potential to find greater success by understanding what psychologists already know, in a clear, fun, conversational tone.


Doctor Kelly will speak to you as if you are her patient, or one of her beloved students. No other book will help you take concepts normally kept to the professionals and learn to apply them in your relationships at work and at home. Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is filled with the lessons Doctor Kelly gathered from her work with patients, as a consultant to dozens of companies, and as a university faculty member to help you find greater satisfaction through better connections in all the areas of your life.


Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success (It's All About Love) is a combination of Self-Help and Business EQ book for individuals, students, and companies. Written by a licensed psychologist with decades of experience in clinical practice, consulting with companies, and teaching at universities, Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success will help you, your team, or your loved ones connect better. Doctor Kelly draws you in and makes it easy for you to learn and grow your emotional success with her conversational style and warm approach. There is no other book on the market that combines work and home and brings them both into focus, with the help of a professional.

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