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Ama = Japanese women divers with almost supernatural abilities to breathe under water, enjoy one another's company, and to make a living. Healthy and full of life they spend their lives under the water and in the sea.

Ama represents a sorority of strong, capable, brave women connected to nature and to one another. 

Ama is a space that focuses specifically on creating sacred space for anyone who identifies as a woman to:

  • Explore yourself

  • Grow your FluidEQ 

  • Embrace your strength, capability & determination 

  • Recognize your connections and let them give you energy and purpose

What does it look like?

Ama is a safe space for women. We create boundaries and then we begin to explore - first through carefully selected assessments, then through psychotherapy or coaching (depending on needs/ wants/ goals and initial assessment). Women can participate as individuals - seeking greater meaning within your own life for one hour, many individual sessions, in groups, or in a mix of groups and individual work. 

How is this different from your other work?

Due to socialization and the current patriarchal structure of our society (and many all over the world) women generally exist within male-dominated or male-created spaces. Therefore, the simple act of creating and protecting a space for female oriented time opens the possibility of a new and potentially freeing experience for many women. Additionally, a focus on self and growth within a female centric space has been shown to provide greater openness and freedom for many women.

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